Our Mission













• to raise awareness and promote exchanges between traditional Bhutanese and Western classical music through concerts, festivals, and education.


• to expand the cultural horizons for young Bhutanese students, offering them a platform of disciplined schooling and guidance into performance practice by creating venues and festivals.


• to dynamically support Bhutanese contemporary music steeped in their own folk traditions.


• to support research and development of the expanding Bhutanese musical activities, to produce cross cultural musical events.


• to provide scholarships for students who demonstrate a passion for music and a commitment to apply themselves fully to learning it.


• to provide general musical education including improvisation, composition, notation and editing programs.


• to present concerts throughout Bhutan featuring Bhutanese musicians, to give donation concerts for the schools incorporating Bhutanese and Western cross cultural concerts, to produce events in the West to raise awareness of Bhutanese arts.