Our Ongoing Projects


Updates 2014


• We have expanded our scholarships from the initial 10 to reach 22 children who otherwise couldn't afford to study music


• The Guildhall School of Music and Drama- voted top arts school for 2013 and 2014 by The Guardian, is exploring a 5 year plan in collaboration with BhutanMusicFoundation and Kilu, to establish a formal curriculum and send teachers to Bhutan. This is supported by the Research department, headed by Professor Helena Gaunt. We've held meetings and presentations at the Guildhall in preparation.


• Donors have generously given us 3 violins, 1 cello, 2 guitars for Kilu music students.


• We chose and support Nicholas J Andrews, Dartmouth graduate, to be our one year core teacher at Kilu for the academic year 2014/2015.


• We've funded Samten Chhophel's further pedagogical studies


• We are actively supporting the organisation and implementation of the Prince Claus Foundation award for the Mentorship Project at Kilu.




• The Kilu Music School Project: collaborating closely with Kilu Music School in the capitol, Thimphu, to structure a strong curriculum. BhutanMusicFoundation hosted (March 2012) MFA Narges Mehrabi from the Conservatory in the Hague, to help evaluate music schools in Thimphu in order to help them build a coherent curriculum from year 1 -12.

Kilu music school 


• BhutanMusicFoundation will gradually provide musical instruments and technology to the various musical schools. We have already purchased a violin and a cello to take there.


• BhutanMusicFoundation began a scholarship program in 2012 for the study of western music at Kilu music school.10 year- long scholarships for each school.

Scholarship awards


• Masters of the Bow: we are broadcasting and taping a weekly program for Centennial Radio 101 in Thimphu, highlighting instrumental music played on bowed instruments from all cultures and all epochs. To date we have completed 54 broadcasts.

Centennial radio


• BhutanMusicFoundation gave support to initiatives such as the Music of Bhutan Research Center which preserves traditional Bhutanese music and dance through DVD's and CD's.

We are hosting cross cultural evenings in Paris and Berlin in September 2012 to present traditional musician Pemba Drukpa and visual artist Sonam Chhopel. This is in collaboration with the Music of Bhutan Research Center.

Music of Bhutan Research Center 



Heritage Preservation


• We are creating a preliminary research project to develop a specialized curriculum based on the particular needs of the Bhutanese students who often have no musical training or little exposure to music. In addition to western training, BhutanMusicFoundation will focus on the preservation of the Bhutanese folk music culture through the performance of this music, by using it as a basis for improvisational studies, and themes in composition. We are incorporating their Mountain Songs, the Songs of the Plains, and those found in pockets of the farthest reaches in the eastern (undeveloped) part of Bhutan. The object is to expand a living, dynamic, musical culture that is at the core, Bhutanese.